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  1. Verzamelloonstaat (VZLS) and Opbrengstbelasting (OPB) now also on MijnCN

    For the VZLS, the biggest change is a different portal because it could already be done online but only via the website of the ...

    News item | 09-11-2022 | 20:21

  2. Deadline for IB declaration now December 10th

    Last weekend the portal MijnCN was down. This was due to maintenance work, which unfortunately ran over a day.

    News item | 07-11-2022 | 20:08

  3. Special tax debt payment plan for businesses

    On the grounds of the Caribbean Corona Crisis (Emergency Measures) Decree, businesses facing liquidity problems due to the ...

    News item | 05-09-2022 | 16:49

  4. MijnCN: the 2-factor authentication to start as of 1 September

    Because a user can use his MijnCN account to sign government affairs, MijnCN views security as a top priority. Data is therefore ...

    News item | 15-08-2022 | 00:00

  5. Postponement of decision Income tax 2021 sent twice

    In the first week of July 2022, the Belastingdienst sent the 2021 income tax deferral decision via an automated system by mail.

    News item | 28-07-2022 | 23:19

  6. Support for parents affected by childcare benefit affair in the Caribbean Netherlands gets underway

    As of Monday the 16th of  May, support for affected parents in the Caribbean Netherlands got underway. Maaike Umbelino-van Sleen ...

    News item | 22-06-2022 | 00:00

  7. Change telephone accessibility of the Belastingdienst and Douane on Bonaire

    As of the 22nd of June, you can only call the Belastingdienst or Douane on Bonaire via the central telephone number +599 715 8585.

    News item | 21-06-2022 | 15:51

  8. Customs explains process of releasing containers and cargo

    We regularly receive questions at Douane CN about the process of releasing containers and cargo that enter the island. Below we ...

    News item | 20-05-2022 | 00:00

  9. Real estate tax assessments are coming

    The Tax Office CN will send out the real estate tax assessments for 2021 this month. Real estate tax is levied on owners of ...

    News item | 17-05-2022 | 00:00

  10. Postponement filing income tax return 2021

    Belastingdienst CN would like to inform you about the postponement of submitting the 2021 income tax return. The latest filing ...

    News item | 06-05-2022 | 22:31