Online customs declaration

Customs formalities must be met when importing, exporting, and transiting goods into or through Caribbean Netherlands, such as import and export formalities and filing customs declarations. Douane Caribisch Nederland uses the Asycuda World application to be able to meet these formalities. 

Asycuda World is a declaration program available online. This allows you to meet the required import and export formalities and declaration formalities from your office or home. The application allows you to submit separate files, such as an invoice or cargo letter in PDF format, together with a customs declaration, for example, to Customs. The application also allows you to exchange messages.

Asycuda World is free to use. Of course, the regular costs of your Internet connection will apply.

Which conditions govern the use of Asycuda?

To use Asycuda World, you must register with Douane Caribisch Nederland, Customer Service Team. Visit our contact page for their contact details.

The form used to submit the registration request also contains the technical requirements and general conditions concerning the use of Asycuda World. Download and print the Asycuda World Permission Form here.

You must have installed Java on your computer to be able to use the application. You can download this software from the Java website.

Installing Asycuda

You can find a link to the Asycuda World launch program below.

Click here to download the Asycuda World launch program

Which customs formalities can I currently meet using the Asycuda World application?

  • the import formalities (‘manifest’ application module)
  • submitting the following customs declarations (‘declarations’ application module’):
    • import.

What does using Asycuda World mean for me as an importer, customs agent, customs representative, or entrepreneur when filing a customs declaration, for example?

When filing a customs declaration, you will be shown the entire furnishing of a Single Document (European Union version) on your computer screen. You must complete the fields of this declaration form, just like you would in a written declaration. You must enclose the annexes (specifically PDF or JPEG files) to your declaration and submit it to Customs in an electronic format.

An example:

You want to import goods and must pay General Expenditure Tax (GET) because of this. You have access to the monthly credit facility scheme. You submit your customs declaration to Douane Caribisch Nederland from your office. The documents belonging to the shipment must be enclosed to the electronic declaration. The selection colour is green, which means that the declaration will not undergo a substantive review. Because the GET due can be settled with your monthly credit, you will receive a message that the goods will be released within a few minutes.

I use Asycuda World. Do I no longer need to visit the customs offices?

Douane Caribisch Nederland is tasked with ensuring that all customs formalities are met in a complete and correct manner. If an import or customs declaration is selected for a review of the documents (such as an invoice or cargo slip), this will initially take place using the enclosed files to the greatest extent possible (in PDF or JPEG format, for example). However, Customs may want to receive the original documents for an investigation. You will need to submit these documents to Customs in this case. Of course, you will be informed of this by Customs. You will receive this letter through Asycuda World.

Naturally, you will also receive a message through Asycuda World if Customs wants to investigate the reported goods.

Do I have to use Asycuda World?

The electronic handling of the import and export procedure and submission of customs declarations is significantly more efficient for both companies and Customs. The goal is preventing visits to physical Customs locations as much as possible. For this reason, Douane Caribisch Nederland expressly invests in the use of Asycuda World.

The BES Customs and Excise Duties Act also determines that customs declarations must be submitted by electronic means. If the declaration for a certain customs-approved treatment can be submitted by electronic means using Asycuda World, you will need to do so. Deviations from the general rule that a declaration must be submitted by electronic means are only possible in exceptional situations. Examples of permitted deviations are:

  • a spoken declaration for (trade) goods carried by a traveller;
  • the simplified declaration, in which respect submission of an invoice or trade document fully or partially replaces the electronic declaration;
  • the use of a Single Document form (written declaration) or another document designated by the inspector of Douane Caribisch Nederland as an emergency procedure if the automation system is unavailable for a long period of time due to a technical error.

Do you want to learn more about Asycuda World?

Do you have questions about the Asycuda World application, or do you want to receive more information about signing up for an Asycuda training course? Contact Douane Caribisch Nederland, Customer Service Team, or the Asycuda World contact. Visit our contact page for their contact details.