Cash and negotiable instruments

Bringing USD 10,000 or more in cash and negotiable instruments

Are you carrying USD 10,000 or more when entering or departing Caribbean Netherlands? In this case, you must inform Customs. It does not matter whether you are carrying cash or other negotiable instruments. You are required to report this. You will not need to pay taxes.

You must also file a declaration if you are not the owner, but if you are carrying cash for somebody else.

Cash in foreign currencies must be converted into USD.

Filing a declaration

You can file a declaration using the declaration form. This form sets out which data you must enter.

You can obtain the form at the Customs offices at the airport or at the sea port. You must complete the form and submit it to Customs.

You must also file a declaration if you demonstrably travel together and your company is jointly carrying cash with a value of USD 10,000 or more.

If you do not file a declaration or file an incomplete or incorrect declaration, you risk incurring a fine and/or imprisonment.