Vastgoedbelasting – objection and appeal procedures

You can object to a decision. The objection must be filed within two months of the date of this decision. You must substantiate why you disagree with this decision.

If the objection concerns the determined value, you must indicate why you believe that this determined value is incorrect and what you believe the correct value should be. If you are in the possession of a recent appraisal report, you can enclose it as evidence. If the object was sold or purchased recently, you can enclose the deed of sale or purchase to your objection. You can also object if you are not (or no longer) a rightholder of the immovable property on the reference date. In addition, you can also object if you believe that an exemption applies. The objection must always list your name, address, CRIB number, the reference of the decision, and the object data (the address and the land registry details).


You can also file an appeal against a decision. If your objection is inadmissible, you can appeal against this inadmissibility statement. File your appeal within two months of the date of the decision.