Change telephone accessibility of the Belastingdienst and Douane on Bonaire

As of the 22nd of June, you can only call the Belastingdienst or Douane on Bonaire via the central telephone number +599 715 8585.

BCN nieuwe callflow

Via a new selection menu you choose the language (Dutch, English, Papiamentu) and the subject of your call and you will immediately get an employee of the right department on the phone.

  1. Online declaration
  2. Payment of taxes
  3. Tax matters (private individuals/companies)
  4. Douane (private individuals and companies)
       1. Maritime port and clearance
       2. Airport
       3. Customer service

Please note: as of the 22nd of June, you can no longer use the direct dial numbers of the Belastingdienst and Douane.