Customs/CN gives presentation to young people on Bonaire

Customs/CN is also active in sharing information. For example, customs employees recently gave a presentation to two groups on Bonaire. One group consisted of young people from groups 7 and 8 of primary school who participate in activities at Jong Bonaire during the holidays. The other group consisted of slightly older FORMA students, who recently completed warehouse and logistics lessons. The two groups received the same basic presentation. Only with the Forma students did customs delve a little deeper into the matter, given their lesson objectives. The presentations were divided into a theoretical part and a practical part (how customs checks goods in practice).

Themes discussed during the presentation included:
What the main tasks of customs are;
Where you encounter customs;
Where the customs offices in the Caribbean Netherlands are located;
How the import process works;
And how to recognize customs.

In addition to some of the resources used by customs, the students were also shown what customs may encounter during inspections.

During the practical demonstration, which took place at the customs office at the seaport, the functionality of the “Handheld backscatter” device was explained and demonstrated. This is a type of scanning machine that can be used to check goods (e.g. in a car tire). They were also shown a customs employee dressed in full customs equipment (with bulletproof vest, clutch, handcuffs, pepper spray, pistol, etc.). Finally, they were able to see a customs dog handler with his dog in action where a certain drug smell was hidden and had to be searched for by the dog.

Customs can look back on very successful presentation days, in which the participants also participated very actively.