‘BerichtenboxCN’: Digital mailbox for government departments in the Caribbean Netherlands launched on July 1st

The BerichtenboxCN app is launched on July 1st , 2024. BerichtenboxCN is an app for government departments in the Caribbean Netherlands. It will allow you to receive messages from the government quickly and safely, and access them any time you like.

The Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland is the first department to use the BerichtenboxCN app. This means you will quickly receive messages from the Belastingdienst in your digital mailbox, and can always check the information and use it as a reference/archive. Your messages will also be sent via the app if you do not live in the Caribbean Netherlands during the whole year. BerichtenboxCN will also be used by other government departments in the near future.

The first messages will be sent by the Levies section from the Belastingdienst, and the Collections section will follow at a later time. The messages you receive will include invitations to submit tax returns, tax assessments, payment requests, payment reminders, confirmations of receipt, requests for additional information, and rulings about objections.

How to use the BerichtenboxCN app

In order to download the BerichtenboxCN app, you will need a MijnCN account (with one time verification), your CRIB number and a smartphone or tablet. The app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, including older versions of these systems.

If you do not have a MijnCN account, please visit www.mijncn.nl to create and verify your account.
Further information can be found at www.mijncn.nl